SAFEView Clients own a wide range of businesses ie; Medical, Real Estate, Cemeteries, Car Washes, Automotive Shops, Toolmakers, CPA’s and more. Any business that has to keep paper…. but doesn’t want to actually keep the paper.

  • Eliminate all of your paper records and increase your productive office space, by eliminating filing cabinets and boxes of records.
  • Archive all digital formatted documents and records, including Email, Word Docs, and Spreadsheets, in addition to Video and Audio files.
  • If your Business has filing cabinets and storage boxes for records safe-keeping, then using SAFEView will eliminate those filing cabinets and boxes forever.
  • Search any record, find it in seconds from your desktop, rather than manually searching for minutes or hours in another room or building.
  • Email, Print or simply View the document right from your desk.
  • Integrate with a number of software and products like eCopy and SendMe from their on-site scanner/copy machines.
  • SAFEView will fit any size operation, from a home office to a company with 20, 50, 100+ employees.
  • SAFEView is simple, the setup, simple and the process, simple.
  • SAFEView integrates into your business process in just one day, without the stressful training and setup associated with our competition’s solutions.
  • SAFEView differentiates itself from our competition by using a simple interface that does all the work behind the scenes. The user simply set-up their indexing templates, which simply reflects how they are filing records manually before SAFEView.
  • SAFEView will organize company records into a Safe and Secure Database with a complete audit trail attached to ever record.